Andina’s key process is the transformation of a physical vicuña wool garment into a hybrid asset that combines a physical object with a digital one Each garment is distinguished by a unique identifier, assigned through a smart contract on the Polygon network. This process triggers the creation of an NFT, a collectible digital piece that stores an illustrative image, an audiovisual capsule and a unique certificate of authenticity.

What makes this process unique is the generation of a connection between the tangible and the digital. To do so, each unique identifier is transferred to a URL engraved on an NFC chip, carefully integrated into each garment. When the person buys the garment and brings their mobile device close to the NFC, the chip is read and a landing page opens revealing the full traceability of the garment.


The landing page allows buyers to request the transfer of the NFT to their own wallet, granting them possession and digital traceability of the garment. Each fabric, then, ceases to be simply a physical item. It becomes a digital asset, backed by the impenetrability of the blockchain on the Polygon network.

In short, Andina represents a significant progression in the fusion of fashion and blockchain technology, transforming the fashion experience into an authentic and immutable narrative.

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