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Chal 100% vicuña's wool:

Buying this product you help create opportunities and empower the work done by women weavers from Catamarca’s Puna.

Size: Each piece is unique. The approximate measurements are 1.60 meters x 0.60 meters.

Colours: They vary between earthy and raw tones. 100% natural without pigments.

Environmental impact

Each garment is 100% sustainable, made it by hand without added pigments or dyes.

This piece represents the community’s care and respect for nature. Harmonious with its growth and preservation of the species.

Social impact

Fair price are agreed together with the artisans. All commercialization profit goes back to the community through different social impact projects. The price is agreed by the artisans and the total profits are for the development of financial education, coaching and motivation, empowerment and textile design programs.

Circular economy.

Unique luxury garments


Laguna Blanca, Belen Department, Catamarca, Argentina.


Rural area at more than 4.000 meters above sea level.


Handmade, hand-knitted.


6 months of manufacturing.


100% vicuña wool.


Circular economy.